About Us

LT Coding is an Armenia based IT company working out innovative solutions for the global and local markets. The company launched its activity in 2021 as a small team of motivated professionals committed to transforming personal knowledge and skills into a commonly beneficial experience.

First of all, that means making a contribution to a balanced development of the IT sector across all regions of the country. Another priority is to create products of widespread technological use with full consideration of all requirements of the modern world and society. These are supposed to be products that will directly and successfully serve the world in its ongoing turbulence and streaming.

Building software is not an easy task. And it’s just the preamble of what we do. We go beyond pure web development to help clients to set digital and technological objectives. We adopt the latest digital practices that help us apply paramount technologies of the modern digital market in the workflow. Aside from development, our company is specialized in providing digital marketing services to make it possible to facilitate the content management process for its users. In this regard, we go through all stages of product management – from initial product research to strategy development, implementation, testing, and control.

We provide the most advanced technical services and solutions, you just enjoy your business blossom. We work with businesses of all sizes - large, medium and small.